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You start the game on your farm with a single colt in stables. Your goal is to breed the best horses around, which would be skilled and powerful enough not only to win races, but also to help people in the village. As they will be send on quests, these horses will eventually become the point of interest for rich farmers, princes and even gods. So you better get to work, because as you can see, this is quite some responsibility you have here!

p.s. If you're low on Gold, register your game with Facebook, Twitter or send a friend an email about the game to recieve 100 Gold each. To do this, go to Menu and look on the right hand side. You can only do these once so make it count!


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Your farm consists of 6 buildings:

You can upgrade each of them, at most 5 times. First upgrade is 100 Gold, then 300, 900, 3000 and 8000 for level 5, which is the maximum.

There is also information panel, which contains data about all your horses, including level, health and time left to current quest or race.

Additionally on the Farm screen you can find rainbows, which give you 100 gold if you catch one, accompanied by a lucky clover. It is automatically used next time you send one of your horses on race.


When on Gate, you can either send your horse to one of 5 different races, on a quest, or sell it. Selling the horse is considered to be a quest, and it can be found in the mailbox along with other quests. For every level of the horse there are new quests, so don't forget to upgrade your gate to the level of your most experienced horse.

Your horse can not die. It can get exhausted or ill during the races or quests. Ill horse can still do quests and receive full reward, but can not attend races. This opens doors for cruel and evil horse-breeders. Exhausted horse needs to regain his stamina, either automatically by waiting, or in quickly in Stables by feeding and cleaning the horse. Higher level activiteis burn more stamina.


You can upgrade your horse environment, regain his Spirit and Condition and breed horses here. Depending on the level of the Well, there are up to 7 free places for horses in here. By upgrading Stables you will gain access to higher level accessories, and on level 5 you will be able to buy Level 2 colts, which helps a lot in breeding higher level horses.


Upgrading the well will increase the capacity of stables.


Here you can pemanently increase abilities of your horses with horseshoes. You can unlock multiple blueprints in the book on the table, and as you upgrade your blacksmith, more become available. Parts for the horseshoes are found on quests or in training. To attach horseshoe to your horse, simply use it on its legs.


Barn is where you cure your horses if they become ill during races or quests. You can also brew potions here that will increase abilities of your horses permanently and the recpie book works very much like the book from Blacksmith. Plants needed for recipes are found on quests or in training. For creating a medicine you do not need any plants, just a fixed payment depending on the level of your horse (50, 200, 500, 1000 and 2000 Gold). Use potions and medicine on the horse head. To be able to cure horse, Barn has to be at least on the level of the horse.


There are 4 different tracks, each working on different abilities of the horse. To fully train the horse, it's enough to go through each of them once. Generally the horse has enough stamina only for 2 runs without regeneration, so you will have to either wait or go to Stables and brush and feed it. To effectively train horses, your Training Grounds should be at least on the level of your horse.


To breed a horse, you need two fully trained horses. If they are on the same level, the newly born horse will be one level above that. If these horses are not on the same level, you will only get the horse with highest level of the two. For horses to breed, they don't need to have any racing awards or quests done. The only requirement is for them to be fully trained in every ability and fully rested and cleaned.

Your ultimate goal is to breed 4 level 5 horses. Therefore starting with Level 2 horses that can be bought from Level 5 Stables, you need to fully train 15 horses for one Level 5 horse.

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